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Thinking of purchasing an electric scooter? Here are 5 great reasons to own one.

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

5 Great reasons to own an Electric Scooter!


Getting from point to point has never been more convenient than using an electric scooter, whether for a short trip to the local shops or for your daily commute to work, travelling by e-scooter is as easy as it gets.With average speeds of 25km/hr, you can zip across your city and always arrive in style! All our scooters are also foldable and lightweight, which makes them very easy to carry around when not in use.


With the ever increasing costs of public transportation and motor fuels, there has never been a better time to switch your travel mode to an electric scooter, you never have to pay excessive fuel costs for travel again.The savings for a year of transportation costs to work, compared to charging up your scooter will save you thousands of Naira a year. The average savings a year means an electric scooter actually pays for itself over time, as you no longer have to pay transportation costs if you use it for your daily commute to work.The daily commute is also likely to be your most travelled and frequent journey.If you use you scooter for work and car for social events you are already saving up to 70% on transportation!

Time Management

Improve your time management and increase your productivity using e-scooters, you can finally avoid arriving late to events and avoid traffic, no more “African Time”. No need to wake up 3 hours prior to your start time at work because you have to sit in traffic for 2 hours, anywhere a motorbike can navigate through, you would also be able to.

Alternative mode of Travel

E-Scooters are also a great alternative for travel needs even if you have a car, especially during periods of fuel scarcity just charge up your e-scooter and go.That’s the power of electric ⚡️

Health and Environmental Benefits

As Electric vehicles give off no emissions or exhaust fumes, they are great for the environment and your health.Sitting in air conditioned vehicles for long periods of time is not good long term for your lungs or for the environment.

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