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Electric Scooters 101

Hi there! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿพ

Thanks for stopping by our space, you are probably curious about electric scooters and wondering what all the hype is about, I will attempt to demystify what these curious looking devices are ๐Ÿ›ด๐Ÿ˜.

Electric Scooters are just an update on the conventional push scooters that you might have seen in the past. With push scooters, you would stand with one foot on the scooter board and propel yourself forward using your other foot.They were generally used as toys for kids to play on,however with modern Electric scooters you stand on the scooter with both feet and it ferries you along to your destination using itโ€™s electric motor.

Electric scooters are made of composite aluminium frame which are very durable and light, they are foldable for easy movement when not in use and are great for a quick dash to to shops or for a commute to work.

There are a variety of electric scooters available based on Tyre/Wheel size, Electric Motor size and Battery Capacity.

Wheel Sizes - 6.5inch, 8.5inch and 10inch.

A bigger wheel size provides a cushioned effect for a more comfortable ride.

Electric Motor - Electric Motors range from 250w 350w and 500w.

A larger motor provides more power for climbing steep surfaces faster like going up a hill for instance. Your acceleration speed is also determined by the motor size.

Battery - The battery size determines how long you can ride for, Batteries range from 4.0Ah -10.4Ah.

4.0Ah - 10Km ride distance

7.4 Ah - 20Km

10.4Ah - 30Km.

If you intend to commute for longer distances you should ideally choose a 10.4Ah Battery.

*Fun fact - The Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge is 11.8Km long*

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